21st Century Learning Expectations

Academic Expectations

  • Students can read actively and critically to comprehend information of increasingly complex texts, from a variety of sources.
  • Students can demonstrate effective written, spoken and mathematical communication for a range of purposes and audiences.
  • Students can engage in appropriate collaborative and independent inquiry to question, investigate/research a topic, gather and present information.
  • Students can apply concepts allowing them to frame, analyze, and solve a range of increasingly complex problems involving real world scenarios.
  • Students can construct clear and concise arguments to support their reasoning and will appropriately critique the reasoning of others.

Social and Civic Expectations

  • Students can use interpersonal and collaborative skills required to keep harmony in a diverse community.
  • Students can demonstrate an understanding of changing global issues and their worldwide impact.
  • Students can participate in the democratic process due to their understanding of the process and by staying informed.

Students can apply safe and healthy lifestyle choices that ensure physical, mental and emotional well being of self and the community.

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